Want to keep your quality indicators high? The testers who can deliver quality bug reports of issues that bring value to clients receive the best evaluation and score.

Being able to see the bigger picture and making sure one understands the app they are testing helps a tester a lot when logging the quality issues.

How to achieve the best evaluation?

  • Remember to always go through project and cycle requirements to be aware of what is expected during the cycle.
  • Make sure you understand what's the app all about.
  • Stay curious. We have noticed that the testers who are excited about testing and have a curious approach, deliver the best results.
  • Before reporting a found bug, think through if it's an actual use case, how likely will such scenario happen, is this information valuable for the app developer? Is it actually relevant and should definitely be fixed?

If you would like to see good examples of bug reports feel free to look into any highlighted issues in your projects.

Here are some examples of issues that are not considered as valuable. These are the kind of bug reports that will most likely not be approved and therefore decrease your quality indicators.

Examples of issues that are not considered valuable

#119367 - The user is unlikely to enter such a long string without spaces. With the spaces, the strings are formatted correctly. Therefore, by reporting this kind of bug, a tester is not creating value. 

#119368 - This is a kind of issue that the client would not fix. Moreover, when thinking about usability, the user would probably not add blank skills. PS. Testers should also focus on using correct written English.

#119369 - If a mobile website needs to be tested and not a browser, neither browser nor OS bugs should not be reported. Therefore, this issue would be closed as it is out of scope. 

#119370 - If the app is mostly meant for working in online conditions, then the "No internet connection" alert is allowed to be visible and hide some data. Thus, this bug does not bring any value and is usually closed. 

#119371 - There are two reasons why this would not be considered a valuable bug. First, this is quite unrealistic user behavior. Second, even if the user does something like this, nothing wrong happens.

#119375 - This is not a realistic use case and this kind of bug would be closed.

#119376 - This is an ongoing meme; some googling might have helped to understand the context. 

#119377 - The reason for this case is that the app uses markdown for links, it does not know that the FTP link is an openable link. For now, this does not seem like important issues users should be worried about and it would not be valuable for the development team.

#119378 - When you enable the Receipt Scan functionality, an informational pop-up is displayed, and it states that it's Internal Beta only and to get the best results the US English language receipts should be used. Additionally, if you take pictures of your computer keyboard then, of course, this feature does not work.

#119380 - The user gets an error that username or password is incorrect and it is by design that the Forgot Password is not going to work since the user has not entered the correct email where to send the password. 

#119381 - This is designed behavior when logged in using Facebook because you are not creating an account using Facebook, you use Facebook to authorize. FB is SSO (Single Sign-On) account. To remove it user needs to remove access from FB side > apps>etc.

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