At Testlio, we are looking at various performance indicators for every tester. We are constantly looking at qualities and skills such as: 

  • Issue Report Quality - Following all the issue report standards, having all necessary attachments, using correct written English. 

  • Reliability - This shows how reliable a tester is and is calculated based on how many test runs or tasks you have accepted, and in how many test runs or task lists you have actually participated. If you have accepted a test run and never showed up, this can be considered as unreliable. 

  • Timeliness - This shows how well you time your task lists and is calculated based on the time you submit your tasks in comparison to the due date. Testers who are often late may be receiving fewer projects unless negotiated with Testing Managers and Engagement Managers for specific reasons why tasks have been submitted late.  

  • Content Quality - This is how well you structure your steps to reproduce and expected and actual results. A lot is to do with how well the sentences are structured grammatically and how easy it is for others to reproduce or follow. 

  • Approval Rate - Shows percentage of all issues that you submit that have been approved. Example: In total, you have submitted 10 issues, 4 of them are approved, 6 of them are closed for reasons such as duplicates and out of scope. In this case, your approval rate would be 40% which is very low as a good tester aims to not submit duplicates and follows scope requirements.

  • Creating Value - A good tester is someone who understands the stakeholder, finds the issues that are really relevant describing the root cause not just the symptoms. Issue quality and severity are more important than reporting many low-value issues.

  • Team Work - Testing is a teamwork and we encourage all testers to support each other, answer each others' questions, give good advice and share helpful tips and tricks.

Please note that above all you should truly focus on finding valuable issues and reporting them according to the standards. Reporting well-thought-out issues and reading them through before finalizing the reports enhances your likelihood of getting more projects invites.

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