Duplicates are bugs that someone else has already submitted. In order to succeed as a tester at Testlio, you should try to make sure that the bugs you report are not duplicates, otherwise, those bugs will be closed.

Here is a short video showing 2 ways how to look for duplicates on the platform. 

Start with searching from OPEN & CLOSED issues:

  • Do not forget to search from Open and Closed issues. To see both Open and Closed issues, click on the looking glass icon on the project dashboard and click on ‘closed’.
  • ‘Filter by term’ - try unique and common keywords. Include command/control+F browser search by adding another word.
  • Search by ‘Label’ (Crash etc) and ‘Affected feature’. To narrow down the results add keywords that definitely should be in the title.

Include browser search:

  • To narrow down the results use the browser search (command/control+F) and it is good to use filtering and browser search together. If there are more keywords to try and you have not found a duplicate yet then keep trying different keywords into the browser search.

Try logging ‘New issue’:

  • If you have tried searching for duplicate issues and you cannot find these, then click 'New issue' and enter different keywords related to the issue and check the results.
  • Try different keywords in the title - the whole title, title with the main area in the brackets ''[ ]'' and without them.

Some additional useful tips:

  • Duplicates may be missed because another tester has submitted the same issue with the different titles. It is necessary to use keywords and open all similar suggested issues. Sometimes only looking to the title is not enough and it is necessary to read steps with expected and actual results and look video and screenshots.
  • Try to use the search in a second tab, try with a couple of keywords to see if something turns up.
  • If there are already submitted issues in the current test cycle try to check all of them. This is the best way to understand what is going on in the cycle and remember all submitted issues to avoid duplicates. 
  • Submitted issues list is also shown in the ‘Reports’ page. Try browser search on that page as well.

If you find a duplicate: 

  • If you find an already existing issue, try to reproduce it and then comment on it, so we know that you have also found the same issue. Add the device you used and environment details. In the task list itself, you should mark "fail" and link to the existing issue. 
  • If the existing issue has been closed as “fixed” or “not reproducible”, create a new issue as usual and include a link to the old issue in the bug description.

NB! Project-specific issue requirements may override the requirements described above!

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