At Testlio, we are looking at various performance indicators. Besides actual testing performance we are looking at qualities such as: 

  • Reliability - This shows how reliable a tester is and is calculated based on how many test cycles or tasks you have accepted, and in how many test cycles or task lists you have actually participated. If you have accepted a test cycle and never showed up, this can be considered as unreliable. 
  • Being late - This shows how well you time your task lists and is calculated based on time you submit your tasks in comparison to the due date. Testers who are often late may be receiving less projects unless negotiated with Test Leads and QA managers for specific reasons why tasks have been submitted late.  
  • Content Quality - This is how well you structure your steps to reproduce and expected and actual results. A lot is to do with how well the sentences are structured grammatically and how easy it is for others to reproduce or follow. 

Below are three main criteria that can determine how likely you will be invited to new projects that have to do with actual testing performance. 

Diligence % - Diligence shows percentage of all issues that you submit that have been approved. Example: In total, you have submitted 10 issues, 3 of them are approved, 7 of them are closed for reasons such as duplicates and out of scope.
This will make your diligence 30% - which is very low,  as we expect testers to check for duplicates and also read scope requirements. 

Our good testers have diligence at least above 60%. 

Expert Productivity Ratio - Expert productivity shows ratios of the high & medium severity bugs you submit per assigned testing hour.

Let's say you were assigned 2 hours to test and you submitted 1 medium severity bug in that time period. 1 issue in 2 hours will make your expert productivity 0.5. 

At Testlio, majority of our testers are trained experts and our benchmark for expert productivity is 0.6 for testers performing exploratory testing tasks. 

Bug Report Quality - This indicates how well you format your bug reports. The expected rate is 5. In order to get 5 points, you need to have a clear title that matches requirements, full content (covering environment, steps to reproduce and results) and 2 mandatory attachments - a log file and screen recording. 

We expect the Bug Report Quality to be minimum of 4.5 for our community members.

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