Duplicates are bugs that someone else has already submitted. In order to succeed as a tester at Testlio you should try to make sure that the bugs you report are not duplicates, otherwise those bugs will be closed.

Here is a short video showing 2 ways how to look for duplicates on the platform. 

To find duplicates: 

  • Click on the looking glass icon on project dashboard
  • Click on closed, to see both open and closed issues
  • Search through the issues using keywords that apply to the behavior of your issue, also try synonyms as people might have used different wording to describe same things.

If you find a duplicate: 

  • If you find an already existing issue, try to reproduce it and then comment on it, so we know that you have also found the same issue. Add the device you used and environment details. In the task list itself you should mark "fail" and link to the existing issue. 
  • If the existing issue has been closed as “fixed” or “not reproducible”, create new issue as usual and include a link to the old issue in the bug description.

NB! Project specific issue requirements override the requirements described above!

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