1. What happens after I register?
We’ll contact you when we have a project that fits your skillset -- hopefully soon!

2. How much could I earn?
Pay varies by location, but certain US testers can earn $20-40/hour. Professional software testers will have an opportunity to join our dedicated expert community.

3. How do I get paid?
We pay our testers weekly. You will be paid based on the number of testing hours you’re assigned. Payments are processed via PayPal or Payoneer.

4. What’s the expected workload?
You can expect 2-4 hours of paid testing per week. One test cycle usually requires up to 1 hour of testing during a 24-hour timeframe. You can choose the exact time for testing yourself. For example, you could start a test cycle early in the morning before everybody else wakes up or late in the evening while others are catching up on their favourite TV shows. You could even test launch a test project during your lunch break. Depending on your availability and performance, you will have the opportunity to participate in future projects. Some of our testers are working on our projects full time.

5. Is it a one-time project?
We’re currently looking for testers to participate in a certain location-specific projects over the course of several weeks. We let you know of any additional upcoming project opportunities.

6. Do I need any specific skills to participate?
We are looking for tech-savvy people interested in testing mobile apps. We value people who constantly want to learn and develop their skills. There will be projects available for testers with different backgrounds and profiles.

7. What kind of work will I be doing?
You will be testing different mobile apps with us. The task lists may include testing features, recognizing and reporting glitches and suggesting improvements. Every assignment has specific instructions. Testlio’s community is always there to support you through each project. We partner with some of the biggest consumer brands like Lyft, Microsoft, the NBA, and Hotels.com.

8. Do I need to purchase any software licences myself?
No, if some of our customers have specific projects that require paid licences, we will get the licenses for our testers ourselves. 

8. What is Testlio?
Testlio is a freelance community of expert software testers. Our testers help find bugs in different mobile apps to ensure our clients can fix them and release their apps with confidence.

9. Where can I get additional helpful information?

  1. Check out our help articles here: http://help.testlio.com/
  2. Read more about Testlio and testing from our blog: https://testlio.com/blog/ 
  3. If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via testlions@testlio.com.
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