For any tester, attention to details is a must-have trait. At Testlio, we expect all our testers to follow instructions and guidelines about scope and objective of testing. 

To understand what is expected from you, you should make sure you read all instructions carefully.

1. Project Details  

In your project dashboard, go to Project details - there you will find generic information about the project. What does the app do, what are the core functionalities etc. It will give you a grasp of the wider testing objective.
Project Details might also include details about test environment setup and test accounts.

After you read project details, you can also check out Mindmap to understand how features in the app are connected to each other.

2. Test Cycle Description 

Test Cycle description is a yellow box in your project dashboard. Please look for scope and updates from recent builds. It is a more specific overview of what is expected from the particular test cycle. You will find relevant information like Scope, New features, Focus points, What not to test.
Although you will find specific instructions what to test in your assigned task list, the information above is good to keep in mind.

3. Task List Description 

This is the most specific part of your testing guidelines. Below is an example of it. Once you choose your device you will be given a list of test cases to do, and you are expected to report bugs along the way.


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