To get invites to paid projects, you should be registered as a tester and be part of our open community. If you are so, you can log in to Testlio platform and have access to a dashboard where different online materials and greeting video from Kristel is displayed.

You will get project invitations based on your location, devices, and previous performance on our platform. You will receive the invitation to the project or cycle to your email listed under your profile.

What constitutes good performance? 

At Testlio, we are looking at various performance indicators. Below, I will explain the main three criteria we are looking at, which can determine how likely you will be invited to new projects. 

Diligence % - Diligence shows the percentage of all issues that you submit that have been approved. Example: In total, you have submitted 10 issues, 3 of them are approved, 7 of them are closed for reasons such as duplicates and out of scope.
This will make your diligence 30% - which is very low,  as we expect testers to check for duplicates and also read scope requirements. 

Our good testers have diligence at least above 60%. 

Expert Productivity Ratio - Expert productivity shows ratios of the high & medium severity bugs you submit per assigned testing hour.

Let's say you were assigned 2 hours to test and you submitted 1 medium severity bug in that time period. 1 issue in 2 hours will make your expert productivity 0.5. 

At Testlio, the majority of our testers are trained experts and our benchmark for expert productivity is 0.6 for testers performing exploratory testing tasks. 

Bug Report Quality - This indicates how well you format your bug reports. The expected rate is 5. To get 5 points, you need to have a clear title that matches requirements, full content (covering environment, steps to reproduce and results) and 2 mandatory attachments - a log file and screen recording. 

We expect the Bug Report Quality to be a minimum of 4.5 for our community members.

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